May 5th, 2009


Well, this is a hell of a start for Tuesday.

Apparently the fuel pump in the Sportage has died, because it cranks like crazy but isn't kicking over. So off to Don Beyer's it goes to have that checked out. Well, it's lasted 117,000 miles, so I suppose it was due to die sooner or later. But why today?

So here I am, sitting at home and waiting for the tow truck. It's not much of a consolation that I'm being about as productive as I would be at work.

Just to enhance the fun, today is election day here in Alexandria (city offices, school board, and Commonwealth primaries), and I'd planned to stop at the library for fresh books as well as the veterans' clinic for a resupply of insulin syringes. Welp.

Continued on next rock

The bottom line is that nobody at Don Beyer's service department can figure out wtf is going on with the Sportage, except that the zap from the battery isn't getting to the starter/fuel pump/some internal stuff like the radio. Fortunately, the Electrical Wizard will be returning tomorrow from hanging for nine days and nights on Yggdrasil and will no doubt analyze the problem in a flash of intuitive insight. In the meantime, they loaned me an Optima, which is sort of like the Hyundai Sonata; not quite small enough for me to put it on as opposed to getting into it, but not really comfortable. Better than no wheels, or a Dodge Neon, or (shudder) an Aveo. Quickie review: it would probably be more comfortable if I were 100 pounds lighter and six inches shorter, the sound system is most impressive with Combichrist and Funker Vogt on it, and the acceleration is very nice after years of driving the 4-cylinder Sportage. Still want the Marauder.

Went to the polls and voted for the Republicans and independents running for the city council; the Democrats are (as usual) taking Alexandria down the same path Minneapolis followed under Sharon Sayles-Belton, and I'm not okay with that. On the way there from Don Beyer's, I stopped to try and pick up some needles at the VA clinic, but they close at 1600 and I missed that by ten minutes. Well, there's tomorrow. Or Thursday.

In the meantime, my stomach is telling me it's been too long since lunch.