May 4th, 2009


Whoa. That's a Monday for you.

Michelle Malkin ripped loose today with two broadsides, one against the culture of consultants that's crippled not just the Republican party nationally but also made the California GOP a laughingstock. She also rips into Arlen Specter for his shameless announcement that Jack Kemp's death is directly attributable to GOP failure to sufficiently fund medical research. Ed Morrissey gets an assist for pointing out that Specter, as usual, is full of shit. Related: The Other McCain keys off Ed's piece to further put the boot in, with today's winner of the "Oh Yeah, He Totally Went There" post headline award for "Arlen Specter becomes Democrat, gains miraculous power to cure cancer". R. Stacy also gets a few good kicks in on the Boston Globe, Jeb Bush (and the Bush family in general, really), and last but not least a piece on the culture of consultants that also includes a couple of shots returned to some female bloggers who took exception to his Rule 5 posts and especially the whole Carrie Prejean Boobgate nonsense.

Meanwhile, in a less political vein, Professor Death snarks, "THEY TOLD ME IF I VOTED FOR JOHN MCCAIN, PROMISING STEM-CELL TREATMENTS WOULD BE BLOCKED BY FEDERAL REGULATION. And they were right!" He also mentions this interesting little patch. Stuff like that is why Instapundit is my home page in Firefox...well, that and the occasional heads-up on new books.
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