April 23rd, 2009

Diabeetus Chef

Ex-S/Sgt still not dead, VA claims

Got up at the wretched hour of 0600 feeling more rested than I had a right to be, and headed off to the VA Clinic. It was your bog-standard first appointment with a new doctor in a new system; lots of medical history talk and tests, and a lot of things left up in the air until next month's appointment. Anyway, looks like I'll be re-starting the Cozaar since Dr. B is not pleased with my BP, and depending on how the tests come back I may be going on statins to whack on my cholesterol. GIVE ME EGGS AND/OR GIVE ME DEATH GOD DAMN IT The VA also inflicted a new glucose meter - my third in as many months; Tammy suggested that I ought to have a yard sale for the old ones. It's occurred to me.

I'd skipped breakfast in the interest of having a (nominally) more accurate A1C test, so I stopped at Uncle Roy's on the way to work, which was every bit as dull and boring as I expected it to be.Tomorrow will be a little different; it has finally occurred to Henry that we ought to have an aging file for Commercial Body, and so Tammy and I will be setting that up tomorrow. Probably in Lotus, because Bob would probably have a stroke otherwise.

I'm thinking that I ought to go out and do some shopping tonight, but Lord, I am tired, and there's nothing I need right away. I can always shop tomorrow, right after I drop the new pants off at the tailor's for hemming.