April 14th, 2009

dead wombat

omg tuesday

Already it sucks. Woke up late, thrashed around trying to find things, finally managed to get on the road and into work ~0900 only to get sent home by Henry half an hour later since I was quite obviously sicker than shit. Going to make a quick run to Walmart for Day-Quils, chicken soup, and whatever other essentials I can squeeze out of a $10 gift card.* After that I'm going to be horizontal until I have to get up for the night job. BJ & Deb are both supposed to be on tonight, but I figure Olesya will need the help since it was apparently seriously crazy from noon onwards. So if I work from 2-7 or even 2-6 that'll allow me to be helpful and get in some more hours before tomorrow night.

If I had any brains I'd just stay home and try to get better, but we all know the deal with that.

*It took MyPoints over a week to cough it up, which is pretty slow for them. :(
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How 'bout them Dukes?

Having been convinced to sign up for ESPN Fantasy Baseball by fsf_rapier, and stayed up way too late on Saturday at Detour preparing for the draft, I wound up with a team composed mostly of Phillies, Royals and Devil Rays.
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This lineup had problems, which I addressed by signing Pudge Rodriguez, Mariners closer Brandon Morrow, Tribe catcher Victor Martinez, and Snakes third-sacker mark Reynolds. I also claimed Tim Wakefield off waivers, but missed out on Twins knuckleballer R.A. Dickey and Marlins 3B Jorge Cantu. Space was cleared for the new guys by putting Jay Bruce, Justin Verlander, Ramon Hernandez, and JJ Hardy on waivers.

So far the Dukes haven't made a very impressive start, partially due to Hamels and Verlander completely stinking up the joint with their first starts and a lot of the stud middle infielders being noodle-like in their limpness. Yeah, Jimmy Rollins, I'm talkin' 'bout you. Still, the rest of the team is doing all right and both Ian Kinsler and Kevin Youkilis have been awesome. So I'm just half a point out of seventh after a week. It's a start.

In real baseball, after looking over the ticket prices for Nationals Park, I think if I see any baseball this summer it'll be in Hagerstown, Frederick, La Plata, or wherever the Prince William Cannons - er, Nationals - are. When you add in the price of decent tickets and Metro fare, a cheap ticket to see the Nats that won't induce nosebleeds will cost you upwards of $20, and they just aren't that good a team. I can suffer well enough at home listening to the radio, I think.
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dead wombat

One more day to the deadline

Well, I managed to last about 7.5 hours at the Night Job before giving in and going home for another shot of DayQuil. I think I'll sleep okay in spite of the phenylephrine; it doesn't pack the same punch as the old pseudoephedrine. Unfortunately the Dayquil (God, I hope it's the DayQuil) is pumping up my blood sugar. One problem at a time.

Came home, opened mail, answered a bunch of surveys, and applied for some jobs with the Feds. Going to eat something, shoot up, and then get horizontal for the night. Hopefully tomorrow will be less full of sneezing, mucus, and coughing.

In the meantime, via Cobb, Andrew Klavan explains it all:

Moe Lane notes the Congressional killing of the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, which among other things will get those miserable little poor kids out of the school President Obama's kids are attending. Can't have the po' folks getting above themselves and associating with their betters, eh, Speaker Pelosi?

Moe also notes the presence of the Virginia Tech killer in the latest Niven & Pournelle opus. (Yes, it's on my shopping list.) Then there's the exploding squirrels...

Meanwhile, Ace notes that The One has become his own plastic turkey. Kind of hard to fake those "spontaneous" photo ops when lots of folks who don't much like you are on site.

Even more amusement from this YouTube video. Best summary:
"At 1:08 he whips out his own business card, which bleeds Holy Water, destroys your enemies, and can save your life if you're ever thrown out of a jet. It is at this moment that you will fall in love...with the idea of punching him in the jimmie as hard as you can." (Ace)

Unfortunately he doesn't give this story both barrels as it deserves, but the Other McCain gives a useful roundup of links pertaining to the DHS asshattery that considers all conservative opposition to the Obamagenda as "terrorism". (You may already be on the TSA watchlist JUST FOR READING THIS LJ, BWAHAHAHA!) And so R. Stacy McCain hits the road for Alabama with this song blaring from the speakers. (You were expecting "Bohemian Rhapsody"?)