April 11th, 2009


off to fix the Winbox

Slept in for a couple extra hours on account of waking up with a bit of sore throat, which worked. Inhaled breakfast, scanned webcomics, mail & LJ, and now I'm off to do laundry and get the Winbox slapped back together. The rain seems to have quit for now, thank God.

Work tonight, probably starting around 5 depending on how the box-fu and laundry go.

Ups & downs

On the one hand, the Winbox was reassembled today. On the other hand, it's still not working. P will be dropping by tomorrow before/after we head over to the ancestral digs to poke at it and wave dead rodents in the air over it, and hopefully something she does will rouse it from its slumbers. Either that or I'll be able to use her gizmos to pull the music off the master SATA drive; did that with the missing dox off the slave drive so I can start applying for jobs with my transcripts again.

Also in the plus column, brunch at Clyde's was completely awesome*, but unfortunately the booth they wanted to plant us in destroyed the zipper on my pants. This made dining and exiting the restaurant interesting; fortunately I was washing my other pair of cargo pants at the time, so I was able to change before heading off to the Night Job. Guess I'll be ordering some new trews out of the next paycheck, since the cell phone pocket pants lost their rivet last week before Detour, and I'm down to one pair of functional work pants...which have a hole over the pocket where the wallet used to live. I'm just a raggedy man of constant sorrow, ain't I?

Winding up the day, I made it into the Night Job an hour late and found out they were closing early as the expected mob of panicked taxpayers had failed to materialize. I got a couple hours out of it, and will get more tomorrow.

*Best bacon cheeseburger ever. Bacon, muenster, fried onions & cheddar FTW!!!! Cheese board was okay, dessert was a pretty damn intense apple brown betty without the usual buttload of caramel sauce.