April 3rd, 2009


plans already coming off the rails

Tired but can't get to sleep, possibly because of the large quantities of Diet Coke consumed yesterday with lunch, dinner, and after arriving home.
I'm also getting the definite impression that too much caffeine does not make my soft & wounded leg tissues happy.
I'm really getting too old for this.
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Anime Detour 2009

10:24 4/3/2009
Slept through most of the flight to STL, despite being as cramped as a 400-pound guy in Economy class always is. Almost got the chance to cash in my ticket for later flights and $300 since the flight was overbooked, but unfortunately there were enough no-shows that I was able to board. :(

10:27 4/3/2009
STL airport cops ride Segways. Every bit as lame as it sounds. Electric scoots would be much cooler, to say nothing of intimidating. Also, Wolfgang Puck's sandwiches suck.

Embraer 145s are too small for my enormous butt and even if I didn't weigh ~400 pounds they're too short for me to either fit in the seats or stand up in the aisle. Slept all the way from STL to Minneapolis.

Met up with most of my AD peeps Friday, did dinner with jamestrainor at Subway, failed to get out and get bandage scissors. Palace of Funk not yet filled with funk, but I am told Jeff's disco suit is indeed pimparrific. Hoping to see it tomorrow before dashing off to the collation and other non-AD things. Having had only 3 hours sleep in the last 48, it's time for me to crash. Tomorrow will be a day of taxes, conventional fanac, buffets, and almost certainly EVE.
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