March 26th, 2009


more hours = good

Looks like I'll be working tomorrow at the Night Job for a few hours doing calls to last year's clients who haven't already been contacted about setting appointments for this year. The pay rate may also be higher than the CSC wage I get, which will also be good. These additional hours come to me since I have a facevoice for radio according to the manager; I keep hearing this from enough people that it might just be true and worth trying to cash in on.

I'm in the process of going through Windows Media Player to get a handle on just how many CDs I'm going to need to buy as back ups. Evidently purging WMP took out music in a random fashion; most of my Jason & The Scorchers music is still there, but almost all of the James McMurtry and Juno Reactor has been zorched. Going to hack on the spreadsheet containing CDs and MP3 files for a little bit before bedtime, and hit the rack more or less on time.
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