March 25th, 2009


Your dose of WTF for Wednesday

I can't do a better job summarizing this than Ace, so imma make with the cut & paste & blockquote:
Will Hollywood ever make a heroic movie about Iraq? Probably not.

But the Japanese have. Trouble is -- this being Japan -- it stars animated bunnies fighting terrorist cats.

Ladies and gentlemen of the f-list: Apocalypse Meow.

SF Mercenaries, from Friesland and elsewhere

Keying off this post in haikujaguar's LJ - which turns out not to be about Hammer's Slammers or other SF mercenaries, except for a brief mention of using Mr. Drake's book as a palate cleanser. I want to talk a little bit about mercenaries in SF, particularly the two best known series while I was growing up: David Drake's Hammer's Slammers, and Gordon Dickson's Dorsai.

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