March 23rd, 2009

dead wombat

So, yeah, Monday.

Could not get to sleep last night - allergies/cold/flu were making me miserable but unable to sleep, so I wound up reading Schlock Mercenary and inflicting edits on Wikipedia and the TV Tropes wiki, especially the David Drake page and The General page. On balance, I would have been better off tossing and turnnig half the night.

Moving on to the work of the day...the day job passed like several geologic eras. Training people is no big deal, but it's hard to explain things when you can't think straight and your brain is full of mud. Left early after supervising the new gal's bashing out of manual checks, swung by Shilla to pick up delicious caek for my brother, who is 41 today.

Also another year older (but hopefully not deeper in debt), revolutionaryjo, who is 21 or thereabouts. W/E; I can't be arsed to keep track of womens' ages once they can buy their own booze. ;)

Finished inventorying the CDs (more like empty cases) in the hall closet, which is where they're all living these days. Man, losing those CD cases in the move really kicked the crap out of my music collection. See, the original plan was to rip all the music onto one hard drive and keep the CDs as backup, which was great as long as I had the original CDs. Unfortunately that's no longer the case for 2/3 of the music I own, so I guess it's time to start rebuilding the collection. More expenses I didn't really need. *grump* Well, I'd better write it up and drop it into Excel so I can quickly search for what I'm missing.

Meanwhile, staying awake to outlast the rush hour so I can cross the river, deliver caek, and pick up a bunch of books for sale on