March 18th, 2009

Boss Coffee

Hump Day Dump Day

The Imperial March played on what looks like a mutant Van De Graaf generator. (Ace)

"Even Maureen Dowd is goofing on Teleprompter Jesus." Worth it for the photoshop alone.

Think we dodged a bullet by not electing Sarah Palin VP? How's that working out for you?
Includes link to Jon Stewart ripping Obama for the utterly retarded "make vets pay for their own combat injuries" plan.

Related: Milblogger COB6 calls for General Shinseki (now head of the VA, for those of you scoring at home) to resign in protest. (Ace)

Oh, look! Fannie Mae execs are getting bonuses too! Just like AIG! No wonder the politicians are doing the backpedal. Can it be time for Chuck Grassley to open his belly nao? (Instapundit)

Speaking of Jon Stewart, guess who's got a Wall Street connection in the family? Pot, meet kettle. (Instapundit)

On a less vitriolic note, the Other McCain hands out useful advice to bloggers and other writers*, and informs us that Miss Virginia is shaving her head for cancer. More amusement -including a really filthy joke at the expense of David Brooks- at his blog.

*Aside from his awesome guide to getting a million hits on your blog, of course.