March 17th, 2009


Never rains but it pours

Apparently the new meat my replacement at the Day Job has been hired and will be starting tomorrow. By my calculations, this gives me until the end of the month to get her trained in on the "computer stuff", and I'll collect my last paycheck on April 2, right before Detour. No idea how much severance they're going to pay me, or when.

In the meantime, I get to work all week at the Night Job, which is doubleplusgood assuming I can be disciplined enough to hold up under the strain of the extra hours. That'll put 26 hours on the March 27 check, and 32 on the one after that, since I'll be on a regular Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday shift after this week. Plus whatever emergency coverage I put in, of course; it's supposed to get pretty crazy soon and there may be additional hours available since the manager wants two CSRs on duty when the stuff starts hitting the fan.

I'll leave you with Tom Smith's take on the Jon Stewart/Jim Cramer thing, which seems to be just part of a broader attack on the right-deviationist Cramer. Nobody gets the hate like an apostate; just ask Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman, or any other Democrat who's walked away from the party of Amnesty, Acid and Abortion.

Unrelated but interesting: there are now companies who will contact your online comrades to let them know you've died IRL. In my case, that would be redundant. :D