March 13th, 2009


future got a few watts brighter today

Got released from the Day Job ~1400, promptly called the Night Job to see if there was anything cooking. I was rewarded with a six-hour shift and oodles of gratitude from the tax preparers and office manager, who no longer had to try and cope with the phones and walk-in customers while at the same time trying to do right by their appointments. There's two paydays between now and Detour, so I should be able to head west with a decent roll in my wallet.

Not much else going on...will be swinging by the Night Job tomorrow morning to make sure they're covered. Hopefully they will be since I need to do laundry and would rather get it out of the way in the morning along with some baking.

Law of the Fish successfully complied with today. Going to have a little yogurt and a lot of sleep.