March 12th, 2009


adventures in foreign foodstuffs and great graphic novels

P had e-mailed me about going out to dinner, and since she was wanting to eat in an actual restaurant instead of the bar & grill/fast food joints we usually eat at, we went down to the Casablanca Restaurant and did the Petite Feast with lamb, onions & garbanzo beans for the entree. All very good, the bastilla appetizer especially.

While waiting for our reservation to roll around, we wandered up and down King Street and spent some time in Aftertime Comics, which is a tiny storefront jam-packed with comics, graphic novels, action figures, and related stuff. Melody availed herself of the Absolute Sandman collection, or volume 1 of it at any rate, along with an Alan Moore book. I faunched after an American Flagg hardback collection, which was signed and numbered, and several Frank Cho Liberty Meadows collections, which were not. Maybe after Detour, when I expect to have disposable income again. Hopefully. I have to say, this is one of those stores I could walk into and blow half a month's pay...AND I'M NOT EVEN THAT MUCH INTO COMICS.

Well...evening began with Moroccan food and good company, ends now with Lou Reed and Digger. Truly, I'm living in a Golden Age. :)