March 7th, 2009


saturday at the science club

So I got up this morning, did laundry, ate breakfast, and eventually made it out to Ashburn ~1400. There I hauled P out to her truck, which she'd left at the site of Friday night's post-work debauchery, and then we ate sushi, shipped the FailWinbox back to Newegg, and headed downtown to the Science Club, where the first DC Goonmeet of March was to be held. We got down there a little late; the starting time was supposed to be 1800 but we got there around 1900 only to find the place closed until 2000. WTF. A couple of other Goons showed up, including the fellow who had originally offered to host, and eventually (2015) the rest of the crowd showed up. Despite it being a vegan joint, the Science Club is actually pretty cool. It's a converted townhouse, which means there's plenty of room for people to break up into small parties, and the music isn't loud enough to bring all non-shouted conversation to a dead stop. Their hummus is also first-rate, but not quite enough to plop 4 glasses of wine on top of, as P found out. We left about 2130 to get her home so she could get some decent sleep before work tomorrow, and by the time I got back into DC a couple hours later people had gone to Spellbound for a little bit before packing up and going home. Welp. Good time anyway, will repeat again on the 28th.

For now, have to change clocks and hit the rack, for I am meeting therevdrnye and other vile, treacherous friends & acquaintances to see Watchmen. I expect to be disappointed, but will enjoy the company (and Rorschach) regardless.