March 2nd, 2009


This was NOT a blizzard.

Honestly, 2-4" of snow that's gone from the roads by the afternoon rush hour is not a fecking blizzard. These people should be ashamed of themselves. I will confess to enjoying some schadenfreude with Laura Ingraham, who does her show from DC and is constantly entertained by the miserable attempts of Prius drivers to motor through the snow-covered streets of Washington. LOL, srsly...those cars are useless when it snows, for this is a city of many hills. I suppose it could be the drivers, but it's still amusing...until I'm stuck in back of one, and then I wish I was driving an M60. *CRUNCH*


Month-end close started today, since Bob and Henry were no more impressed with this "blizzard" than I was. Reports were run, and Bob took upon himself all the inventory scribbling, purging & clearing, and suchlike things. Which was fine with me; I get paid the same whether I do the whole closing routine or not.

Unfortunately the head shed has decreed that the Night Job must get along without CSCs for another week. My office manager is really angry about this, and God help the foolish bastard that brings up customer service in her earshot, because they're going to get it with both barrels. Which doesn't do anything for my paycheck, but there you are. Gives me more time to fill out job applications, I guess.