March 1st, 2009


March already?

Spent most of the day yesterday assisting P as a taxi driver in return for laundry privileges and Chinese; the rest sleeping or playing internet spaceships. Today, more internet spaceships, baking bread (MOAR EGGS = FEWER HOLES) and experimenting with cooking pasta in less water. Didn't stick any more than it usually does, therefore WIN.

Amusing, especially if you're familiar with WH40K: Exterminatus Now. Kind of like the adventures of Amberley Vail and Caiaphas Cain, only as furries. LULZ FOR THE EMPEROR! :D

Entertaining, if you're into this kind of music (which I am): Aaron Static. Check out the "Hour of Power" mixes, many of which run considerably longer than an hour.

Finished re-reading John Ringo's The Last Centurion today, and for some reason it reads better this time around than it did right after Balticon.

No calls from the Night Job. I'll call them tomorrow and see what (if anything) is happening.