February 20th, 2009

Boss Coffee

Free coffee, but...

Maybe I need to start paying more attention to advertising...McDonald's has been giving away free medium coffee with breakfast all month. Including their new mochas and lattes. I'd probably appreciate the mochas more if they didn't smell like poop.
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Half-assed humor is half-assed.

I'm not going to link to Rolcats, because if I hated anyone on my f-list that badly I'd just defriend and ban them. The basic idea is good: translate Russian LOLcats into English for the amusement of people who can't read Russian in the original KlingonCyrillic. Unfortunately, the morons who put the site together were either too ignorant or too lazy to do actual translations. Instead they ad-libbed "translations" redolent of Cold War jokes about the Soviet Union and Communism that weren't funny even in the 1960s. Even Yakov Smirnov and Oleg Atbashian couldn't get any laughs with these sucky "jokes". No, Rolcats is a good idea rendered useless by the incompetence of the site owner, which ironically (in a way) demonstrates the fallacy underlying Marx's theory of surplus labor.


Booked my flights to & from the Twin Towns of Terror for Anime Detour. Since uncertain job situation is uncertain, I booked the flights for Friday morning and Sunday night, which means I only need to take Friday off. One financial hurdle down, two to go.
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