February 18th, 2009


Hump Day Dump Day (w/extra library gets goodness!)

(h/t Iowahawk, who has a serious post about the human cost of the environmentalist movement. Thanks a lot, Rachel Carson.)

The Speaker and the Pope: How it might have gone. The Ford F650 XUV: Just the thing for the zombie apocalypse. Also, Libertarianism not welcomed by Conservatives in the UK. (The Corner)

Elsewhere, Michael Goldfarb slaps the New York Times for getting catty about Politico's business model. Quoted FTW: "Exit question: which newspaper's business model consists of handouts from a shady Mexican oligarch, a tapped-out credit line, and a new mortgage on their office space. Hint: It's not Politico."

Awesome profile of Colonel Cesar Rodriguez in The Atlantic by Mark Bowden (Black Hawk Down), which includes a solid military & economic reason for fully funding the F-22 Raptor. Of course, the problem with deterrence is that it's hard to prove that nobody wants to pick a fight because your pilots and planes are so superior they might as well just become an hero before even suiting up to take off.

Taking the first step in proving to those morons in Fairfax County that I don't live in their bailiwick (no matter what the DMV says) set me back $10 today when i got my driver's license corrected. I have a good mind to send the fuckers an invoice for this, and sue them in small claims court if they don't pay up.

P will be pleased to hear that there's a sequel to Cyteen out. The library also had a copy of Flint & DeMarce's 1635: The Dreeson Incident and The Sayings of Chairman Bill (Buckley, not Gates). Speaking of the late WFB, I see that the library appears to have the complete set of Blackford Oakes novels. I should take a look at the later novels; having been enthused by Saving the Queen, I was promptly turned off by the much darker Stained Glass and never went back. Well, we shall see. For now, it's time to get ready for the night job.