February 12th, 2009


feels like Friday already

Still a few (well, OK, many) things to do while waiting for onsenmark to call from the downtown DC Greyhound terminal. He'll be happy to hear that deathquaker will be popping down for part of Saturday to join us, which will be cool.

The day job was largely a waste of time except for the five checks I bashed out; spent most of it surfing the web and half-listening to Laura and Rush. Still some hope that the Congressional Democrats may have overreached themselves on the Porkulus bill and set themselves up for a Blue Dog revolt in the House or a GOP filibuster in the Senate, though with the Terrible Trio of Spector, Snowe and Collins using up oxygen on our side of the fence I don't have much faith in the latter.

Tape arrived today but no sign of the book I ordered from Borders yet. Up and at the cleaning/repacking thing.