February 10th, 2009

FGSFDS - Technoviking

didn't want that job anyway

So, Henry gave me my two weeks' notice today. Despite my manifold errors and manifest failure to be the full-charge accountant they were looking for, Henry and Bob want me to stick around and teach the New Guy To Be Acquired "computer stuff". They dangled severance pay in front of me, so I'm going to play along with this until something better turns up. When it does, I'll be off like a shot, and screw the severance pay. Of course, considering how long it took them to find me last year, and how long it took me to find something after PCM let me go last year, this situation could drag on clear to Detour. Or longer, God forbid.

On the other hand, I have an interview tomorrow, and there are assloads of accounting/bookkeeping jobs in the area, quite aside from a couple of tempting Civil Service openings. So I could be gone tomorrow, and they'll have nothing to work with except the notes I've made and (mostly) typed up.

The funny thing is that I'm not stressed about this at all. Maybe it's because I've seen it coming for a while, maybe it's because this is a welcome relief from having to deal with Bob and his insane rages over trivial shit, but I just don't care. I'm in my happy camo Zen place, and waiting to see what comes along in the way of a new job. Next!

Got home after a stop for groceries at Walmart in time to get a call from the manager at the Night Job. She's finally done up a schedule, which has me working this Wednesday night, then Sunday, Monday and Thursday of next week. I could have worked Thursday and Saturday as well, but I wanted the time off for Katsucon, damn it, and got it.
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That's the way I like it, baby

It's a good thing I don't have to work tonight, really. While I could use the money, I'm pretty tired and putting in even three hours in the tax shop would have worn me down pretty badly. Maybe it's delayed stress from today's stupidity, but I know part of it is because I stupidly didn't go to bed right after I got home from noshing and chatting with P last night over tempura and sushi. (She evidently had a good vacation out West.) So I'll nuke an enchilada, maybe some veggies, and hit the rack early. But first, got to switch some EVE skills around.