February 6th, 2009


not tonight, my motivator circuit is broken

Worked until 1730 at the day job, mostly on a monster run of checks for Portsmouth that probably wouldn't have been half so bad if four checks hadn't gotten jammed up and required reprinting - and then two of those had to be re-run because the edit/delete check screen defaults to edit and not delete, which meant I printed checks for the wrong invoices and had to redo them. Ugh. Aside from that, I balanced the payroll account, or will have after Bob approves a necessary journal entry on Monday. Anyway, after the checks were signed I got about halfway through the stack before running out of stamps, so I stuffed the remaining checks into envelopes, took money out of petty cash, and went home by way of the Post Office where I bought a roll of stamps and affixed them to the unstamped envelopes.

I was going to hit the WalMart next door after that, but couldn't remember needing anything that can't wait until I pick up prescription refills tomorrow.

Of course, no sooner did I get home than the office manager at H&R Block called to see if I could come in. I begged off - after a day like today, I just want to chill out and go to bed early. I might do laundry. I'm sure as hell not going any further than the dumpster across the street for any reason.
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After seeing this YouTube bit by Penn Teller*, it occurs to me that I've never seen digex and Penn Jillette in the same place at the same time. I mean, look at the man. Listen to him. Doesn't he look and sound a lot like digex? Hmmm.

*Which I got to after watching this little gem, and starting with this interesting testimonial for What's The Harm?. (Hit & Run)