February 1st, 2009


a break in the action

Stayed up late finishing Bernard Cornwell's The Archer's Tale, which like so many of this other novels blends a good fictional tale in with a cracking good retelling of a historical campaign, in this case King Edward's invasion of France that culminated in the battle of Crecy. The flavor is similar to Cornwell's Sharpe novels, but obviously the times make for a very different man, and Tom the archer isn't much like Richard Sharpe of the Rifles. Good read, though, and highly recommended.

Didn't do a whole lot today; fiddled with my taxes and may have caught TurboTax in a couple of mistakes. Also failed, somehow, to generate as much in the way of medical expenses as I did last year, which doesn't seem right to me. Well, at least with the corrections I come out with *some* money back from the Feds.

Most of the day was spent swapping monitors on the Winbox since the old Samtron CRT started rendering everything with a disgusting green background, after which I failed to get more than a handful of videos off the old external drive and eventually gave up. Spent the remainder of the day playing Rise of Nations. Conquering and defending I seem to have down pretty well, but at pillaging I fail consistently. I did make some progress on the APAzine and will probably do more tomorrow after I get home from work. Yup, I got called in to work Super Bowl Sunday, which doesn't bother me since I wasn't going to watch the game anyway. Good thing I got my laundry done today.

a nice day for a walk

The weather was nice enough today that I walked down to the office, over to Harris Teeter for lunch, back to work, and then home (carrying jacket, hat & gloves) after work. Also aired out the apartment a bit by opening the kitchen window, which was a Good Thing. Not working again until Tuesday, which is fine since I logged almost eight hours today.

Got home, had turkey kielbasa for dinner, futzed around on the Internets, and now I'm going to bed at a semi-reasonable hour. 'Night, all.