January 26th, 2009


The genius of the Other McCain

Given the Newtonian opposition of their political loyalties, and their vastly different literary ouevres, the fans of Hunter S. Thompson and the fans of Ann Coulter are very near to being mutually exclusive sets. A Venn diagram would show an almost infinitesimal overlap between Set A (those who admire the drug-addled king of gonzo) and Set B (those who admire the acid-tongued right-wing blonde). Yet as one of the few occupants of Set AB, I find striking parallels between the two, and wonder why others don’t also see these parallels.

He makes it work. Read the whole thing. Unintentional bonus irony courtesy of a commenter who slams Coulter's research - by citing Media Matters as an authority, LOL.
dead wombat

OMG I hate mucus

I dunno if I caught it at work or whether it's been building for a while, but the Cold from Hell attacked this afternoon; the DayQuils only slowed it down, they could not hope to contain it. Fluids, Jewish penicillin, and an early bedtime will be my salvation, I think. Garbage Day can wait until tomorrow.

No H&R Block work tonight, obviously, but I got a couple more tax forms to shove into the hungry maw of TurboTax.
Also going to take advantage of a shipping special from Allegro Medical, who I bought Mepilex from last payday; not buying the Foam Bandages of Awesomeness this time, but acquiring the usual Surgipads and Toppers in huge quantities for cheap...and avoiding frustrating trips to the Walmart or CVS besides.