January 19th, 2009


Steal this book.

Actually, you can't, because it's free. One of the classic libertarian works, Hayek's Road to Serfdom, is available for download in the Reader's Digest Condensed Version here. The same site features an illustrated version.

I didn't read this until after I'd already had a thoroughgoing exposure to Heinlein and Ayn Rand, so it didn't have the impact on me that it's had on others, but it's an outstanding book and well worth your time. Frankly, I'm surprised the folks at Reader's Digest were able to condense it; I don't recall it as having that much in the way of wasted words or trimming. (Classical Values)

Community and SF fandom

Oddly enough, sound cards may be cheaper at Best Buy than Walmart. I might be able to get one for even less at one of the local Circuit City stores, but I can't price-check them on-line; all you get when you go to circuitcity.com is a notice posted about the chain closing in the US. As for the keyboard, there are some spares around here and I'm going to ask if I can borrow one until next week.

In the comments to michaellee's post here about Convergence, there's some discussion of the fallout from the HRMP Wars, which are directly responsible for the creation of Convergence and Marscon as well as the implosion of attendance at Minicon, which latter was the intended purpose of the HRMP.
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new kid on the (H&R) block

So I stopped at the Foxchase H&R Block office to find out what happened yesterday. I was supposed to start training yesterday, but I assumed the manager would call me and tell me when to come in; she in turn assumed that I would show up when the store opened. Well, no harm done, except that I lost those hours. Spent my four hours tonight learning how to use Appointment Manager, manning the phones, and closing the place with the last of the tax professionals.

And that was Monday.
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