January 17th, 2009


An anime meme

Ganked from belindabird, with some minor changes.
Original version can be found at her anime review website, which is pretty good.
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So, in conclusion, Anime Detour was partially launched by someone who just wasn't that deep into anime. ;)
I was tempted to sub in Jin-Roh, Armitage, Yawara! and Special Combat Unit Shinesman,
but that's not how these things work.

Not tagging, but I'd like to see how stuckintraffik, materia_indigo, onsenmark and redmartel stack up on this; pretty confident they'll all outscore me, but it would be interesting to see where, and what they think needs to be seen.
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cleaning this and cooking that

So, did a fair amount of dish & pot washing in the kitchen along with some more baking, washed clothes, and otherwise sat around playing Civicrack while inflicting memes on people and rereading A Hymn Before Battle. Going to hit the rack after I finish this, watch a little Yawara! and crash early since I'm meeting P in the morning for breakfast and completion of box work.

Also on the agenda tomorrow is cooking up a mess of pasta, and probably a lot more horizontal behavior since I'll be able to take Cowzilla into the bedroom and play games on it and reserve the new desktop for websurfing, EVE, writing, and other important things.