January 10th, 2009


No colours any more...

Slept in late, into the afternoon in fact, which isn't too surprising considering I was up until a little after 0100 this morning and went to bed in a melancholy mood.
I had come across some pictures along with the StippleAPAs (APAe?) and it was unsettling, looking at those people and their dog, only one of them having a clue about what was coming down the tracks to wipe those smiles off their faces like an industrial-strength belt sander. Yeah.

NO SURRENDER. Hell yeah!

Going out to do shopping for bandages, cables, and some foodz this afternoon. Already paid the bulk of my bills; all that's left is the truck insurance. Cables will actually be waiting until tomorrow since Walmart doesn't stock them and Best Buy's prices are twice what MicroCenter wants. Don't want to head out right now since Walmart will be a mob scene; better to go around 1700 when people have gone home for dinner and it's less crazy. Of course, it's possible that a lot of what I want will be gone from the shelves, but there's always Plan B.
Diabeetus Chef

bandages and tape from the media store

I'm old enough that it seems weird to be buying medical supplies from a website that made its debut not so long ago selling books over the Internets. They've come a long way since then, of course, and have done quite a job integrating a bunch of other vendors into their corporate empire on a sharecropping basis, which is why I'm buying a 12-roll box of surgical tape and a five-pack of Mepilex through them. This indirectly helps P, of course, because generally speaking what is good for Amazon.com is good for P, and that's another reason to do it this way. The fact that it's less expensive than buying it from a local vendor (that I can't find anyway) is the main reason I'm doing it like this, but doing good for family is also good. The stuff arrive in a week, and in the meantime I can make do with stuff from Walmart.

Of course, with my luck, Walmart will have Mepilex in stock when I get there in about half an hour. We'll see. Time to pack it up and go.

UPDATE Psssh. They didn't even have surgical sponges and tape, but then again the place looked like the Red Army had made a quick provisioning stop on the way to Frankfurt. The refrigerated foodz locker was pretty bare, and a lot of other shelves were looking pretty picked over as well. Wound up having to stop by CVS on the way home.
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