January 1st, 2009


That was the year that was (First quarter)

January started out with the death of George MacDonald Fraser and a move into the Burrow that was more like really uncomfortable camping out. Later in the month, I got acquainted with my new primary care doctor, got really sick with a cold around mid-month, and, well, nothing much of any interest happened for the rest of the month.

With February came P's 22nd birthday, celebrated at the default sushi place. Roy Scheider died the following week, coincidentally on the same day I became a Friend of Anonymous at the first DC Co$ raid and also joined the NRA. Suffered from an outbreak of White Knight Fever around mid-month, but I got better. The bivouac in the Burrow was replaced by actual living when I moved all my furniture in from the storage area on the 15th, although unpacking was interrupted for the first of many reasons when I took therevdrnye to Katsucon. About a week later I did a faceplant into the bannister of the apartment stairway, which resulted in three stitches and a scar on my upper lip. William F. Buckley died on the 27th, and two days later I was fired.

March began with the death of Gary Gygax and a short temp assignment in Alexandria. It continued with a lot of interviews and applications and a sendup of L. Ron Hubbard's birthday by Anonymous. Finally obtained a long-term assignment in Fairfax, which helped get some bills paid. Towards the end of the month, the Virginia Employment Commission smacked my former employers for not documenting my shortcomings before they fired me, which meant more unemployment $$$ for me. :)

O HAI 2009

After fighting with stupid quantities of lag trying to browse everything from Instapundit to LiveJournal, I finally got a clue and power-cycled the DSL modem. I do this often enough at work; wonder why it didn't occur to me to try this last night? Probably the oncoming cold.

Anyway, I wound up staying in last night, hanging out on P's MUD under construction with P and her friends. This was awkward since lag made it difficult to have a coherent conversation with anyone. Went to bed ~0030 after reading another chapter of The Forgotten Man, which I finished today.
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Been spending the day farting around and reading; will probably go to bed in an hour or so.

For the benefit of edminster, and anyone else interested: my incomplete essay on Libertarian Falangism. Enjoy. Comments welcome.