December 29th, 2008


stuff getting done

Cleaned out the passenger seat of the Sportage and threw out the Newegg boxes, so that's part of the evening's work done. Next task is to grab something quick for dinner, because low blood sugar is low, and then chuck out the 3-4 bags of garbage that have accumulated during the past couple of weeks. Or maybe I should load the dishwasher and hit the laundry first. Or run to the library. *head explodes*

Well, whatever I do, I'm not going to get it done by making posts on LJ. Did want to mention that I'm not the only member of the Trainor/O'Malley/Ortega clan to be late with the Christmas cards, though; got cards from my cousin Kathy, cousin Terry and his family, and Aunt Emily today. :shobon:

Time to nuke some chicken lumps and get on with the Great Midwinter Cleaning.

update: Garbage disposed of, dishwasher to be loaded shortly, laundry and library punted until Tuesday. Progress.