December 28th, 2008


assembly day

So P and I got together at the Vienna Amphora for breakfast and then went back to her place where she slapped together the new box. It's a bit oddly arranged at the moment for lack of cables. Only one of the 320GB SATA drives is set up; the other hard drive is the 80GB IDE drive from the Optiplex. The CD drive did fit in and was cabled up, the CPU went in and the heat sink/fan that came with it snapped on after some minor fussing. Memory clicked in easily. P says the motherboard may well accommodate the graphics board from the Optiplex, which we'll take a look at Monday or Tuesday, but for now the main hurdle is getting the copy of XP we're using to accept the code, which it's being balky about. Can't do much without an OS, and I'm not particularly interested in having a shiny new Linux box.

P is also trying to talk me into getting involved in the MUD she and her friends are working on. I dunno. I was never really into MUDs when they were all the rage some years ago, but I don't mind being used as a source of info on medieval history and/or ancient RPG technology. We'll see what happens. I have a character there but I don't know that I'll actually be doing much with it since tbqh EVE is a lot more interesting to me than medieval "low fantasy" RPG.