December 23rd, 2008

Diabeetus Chef

It's supposed to feel like that.

Blood tests came back significantly improved over last week's; white blood cell count is down, glucosylated hemoglobin is up to 6.8 (which is still good) and all the hepatic function numbers that had the docs worried earlier in the year are now good. Left leg wound is completely dry and the right leg is now bleeding more than it's leaking lymph fluid, which is a Good Thing. Unfortunately, the fatigue and foul taste of water are known side-effects of heavy-duty antibiotics in general and Zyvox in particular, so I can expect another week of this.

Still, I am happy that the legs and blood chemistry are continuing to improve. Yes, this is the cue for several of you on the f-list to chorus: "WE TOLD YOU SO!"
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and speaking of fail...

I addressed, annotated, stuffed, sealed and stamped the Christmas cards last night. Then I noticed this morning that stamps were the old 37-cent stamps and would require additional postage. Urk. Additional postage was not to be had in the Burrow. Double urk.

But, hey, I'd be going out over lunch to deposit my check anyway, right? That means I could hit the Springfield post office on the way back from lunch and grab the necessary stamps, right? No. Checks didn't arrive until 1230, after I'd already gotten lunch from Wendy's. (Blood sugar waits for no man.) By the time I got off work at 1700, the banks were closed, post offices likewise, and so it is the cards won't be going out until tomorrow. Sorry, folks.
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