December 21st, 2008


a pleasant Saturday, without snow

Discovered to my disgust that I'd managed to leave my testing kit at work on Friday, but since I didn't eat like a pig (or a small horse) today I'm not too concerned.

Slept until noon and then spent most of the afternoon mining rocks and shooting rats on EVE. This is really the first time in over a week I've felt up to playing much. I did log in the other night, change skills and help with some station service repping, but for the most part I just haven't felt good enough to get involved in the fleet actions that have been going on all week. Which is too bad, since there's been some epic battles between us on the one hand and BoB/AAA on the other, and we've kicked much ass. Well, the rest of Goonfleet has; I've been a tad out of it.

Went out for dinner with Mr. Butler and talked at length about movies, politics and other topics over a couple of Outback Specials and side items. Good food and good company; a couple of things that make me happy, for day six of the happiness meme. :)

Holiday depression

Stop it.

You whiny slags. You're living in the best days of human history, and you act like it's the Middle Ages with a side order of Black Death.
Don't make me come over there.

Yes, I've posted this before, but like Larry Niven's essay on the same topic, it deserves to be served up as often as possible.

tired and red in the eyes

Didn't sleep well at all last night, thanks partially to some confused nightmares, and was late out of the gate for breakfast with P at the Herndon Amphora. Worked out okay, though, except for the trying to function on 4-5 hours sleep thing.

Most of the day consumed by Civicrack, fluid intake, and re-reading The Scourge of God.
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After it was all done, I was glad I had my father's copy of The Sheikh and the Dustbin to cleanse the old palate.

And so it comes to pass that I'm going to bed early...after writing up the Christmas cards so they can go out tomorrow and maybe arrive before New Year's. Sorry about the delay.