December 19th, 2008


You say you want to try that Reconstruction shit again, buddy? Get stuffed.

I don't have a lot of respect for Salon to start with (about the only cool thing they do is publish Camille Paglia's infrequent columns) but man, this is a new low in stupidity: Michael Lind proposes to end what he terms "the South's economic war on the North". How sixty years of welfare-state liberalism, union fuckwittery, and the worst examples of corporate bureaucratism run amok is the South's fault Lind never really gets around to explaining, but he's sure that we're in it up to our necks with the evil, fascist Nips, Krauts, and their Korean sidekicks*. Jonah Goldberg has a brief and fairly temperate response, whereas Velociman treats Lind's thesis with the complete lack of respect it deserves. Let's face it, some notions are so goddamn stupid they deserve to be relentlessly mocked and trashed, and the notion that the South is somehow not as American as the imploding kleptocracies of Michigan and the Northeastern states is right up there in the Top Five. I'm not too keen on the Jefferson Davis quote, but damn, it sure does fit. (Instapundit and Ace)

*Don't even get me started on the comments. OMFG, these people are retarded.

catching up on the happiness meme

Tuesday: Finishing Inversions, which was a pretty good book although not quite as good as the first three Culture novels I've read.
Wednesday: Ordering the parts for the new desktop.
Thursday: My doctor's appointment, even though it was delayed 2 hours, because there was lots of good news.
Today: Catching a mistake (by someone else) in the payroll that would have screwed someone out of $180. Also, materia_indigo finished Allie Indigo and the Flashforce Pilots! So today was really a twofer. :)

This is a helpful meme, actually; it helps regroove my brain in positive ways by forcing me to reflect on the day and think about the good things that have happened instead of dwelling on the crap.
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