December 17th, 2008

the mark

Love languages meme

Ganked from edwarddain.
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As with most internet quizzes, I'm not terribly happy with the way this was structured. There were a lot of questions that I would rather have treated as "and" questions than have been forced into making an "or" choice, especially the ones that contrasted verbal support & expressions of love/affection with doing things for your SO. They're both important, if only because some of us are a bit thick and need to be told things.
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the mark

All over but the waiting

No, not work-related.

Ordered the parts for my new desktop from Newegg; total bill with shipping came to ~$209, which is a little over the budget I set, but at least the new beast will have plenty of RAM and a decent headset so I can finally be heard on Teamspeak during fleet ops. Whether this is good or bad depends on how you like the sound of my voice, I guess. It's basically a MSI MBOX with 4GB RAM, a couple of donated 250GB hard drives in a RAID-0 setup, probably at least one of the hard drives from the Optiplex, the CD/DVD drive from the aforementioned Dell, and an AMD Sempron Sparta that runs at 2.3GHz. Maybe not a hardcore gamer's box, but it ought to run Civ III and the EVE client happily (especially with the GeForce 6100 videocard native to the MBOX) and handle all the other stuff I currently do on Cowzilla with the greatest of ease.

Not much else happening, but I did want to draw your attention to the vehicle of your future:
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If no bailout, then what?

Maybe we get another Studebaker-Packard event. Eric Scheie links to a NYT article about the failure of the Studebaker-Packard company and its impact on Detroit. Scheie also has links to YouTube video of urban explorers scoping out the derelict factory complex and of Packard workers on the assembly line in happier times.

Personally, I don't think it would be quite that bad. If you sold off the assets of the Big Three to the transplants or to new companies. I have little doubt that the former UAW employees would rather work for $48/hour compensation rather than insist on $72 and not work at all. Chevrolet, Cadillac, Dodge, Buick, Jeep, Ford, Lincoln and Mercury are still names to conjure with, if sometimes only as truck lines. Still, I think there might be a few more ruins added to the already screwed-up Detroit cityscape.