December 15th, 2008

Diabeetus Chef

if the bacteria don't kill me, the drugs might could do it

So they let me go from the hospital today about 1400, armed with nearly a dozen prescriptions, most of which duplicate existing Kaiser scripts, but I got the two really important ones filled after depositing my check at the bank. Levaquin I've had before, and it is some heavy-duty shit, but Zyvox is fucking thermonuclear. I mean, I've never before had an antibiotic that required weekly blood tests to make sure the drug wasn't doing collateral damage to my body while exterminating the bacteria it's supposed to be targeting.

Sadly, while they did send me home with a pile of bandages & tape, they only gave me half a Mepilex bandage. This is unfortunate since the bandages cost ~$30 for a box of five, which wouldn't even be enough to get me through a week. Well, that's one of the things I'll talk to my doctor about when I see her Thursday. The Mepilex is full of win and awesome, and I badly want to find a less expensive source so my leg wounds will continue their rapid healing.
EDIT: Ironically, that source could be

In the medium term, I may need to go solo with Kaiser. My former employers at PCM are changing their health care provider to someone else, and I'm not interested in going along. Have to see what Member Services says, but I'm sure the answer to this problem will not be cheap or easy.
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Most of the pix here are funny, but some of them hit you where you live.
This one, for example.

There's a joke about dogs going nuts when you leave, because they think you're leaving FOREVER, and being so glad to see you back because it means you're back FOREVER. What that comedian forgot is that dogs take loyalty very seriously, and they are loyal to you FOREVER.

I miss you, Bubba.
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