December 14th, 2008

Diabeetus Chef

waiting for the saline flush

I suppose I could just nod off now and let the nurse wake me up in 30-45 minutes when the Vancomycin drip is done, but that means I'd have to put up with gibberish from senile roommate at unpredictable intervals and volume levels until I fall asleep. This is fail.

Doctor said this morning I'd be going home tomorrow but was vague about aftercare and return to work. We'll see; one way or another, I need to get my paycheck from last week and deposit it in the bank. Truck insurance is going to draw soon, and obviously it would be best of money was actually there.

Spent most of the day losing at Civicrack, reading fanfic, and trying to ignore aforementioned roommate. It's going to be good to be home, I tell you.