December 13th, 2008

Diabeetus Chef

quiet Saturday in Fairfax

So, yeah...not really much to say except that between all the antibiotics and Mepilex foam dressings, my leg wounds may be closer to being healed than at any time since I was swimming 2-3x a week before coming down here. The doctor this morning was saying they're going to turn me loose Monday with a new & deadly oral antibiotic, of which great things are expected.

I think it's not the wi-fi that's flaky so much as my card...this is the second or third time I've been somewhere where the signal has started out adequate and decayed over time, which is not the way wi-fi networks usually work.

She's doing it wrong. Either way. (Joel Rosenberg)

This is why ou should be reading and supporting Michael Yon:
Hell’s Angels — Lithuanian Style:

U.S. and Afghan soldiers in Zabul Province give high marks to the Lithuanian Special Forces, who like to ride these captured Taliban motorbikes to sneak up on, and chase Taliban fighters. The “LithSof” are on their way to becoming living legends: Both Afghans and Americans report that the Taliban are afraid of the Lithuanians. Stories about them are filled with dangerous escapades and humor.

Americans say that the Lithuanians are sort of a weaponized version of Borat, who think nothing of sauntering around a base in nothing but flip-flops and underwear.


sqotty wrote a decent little obituary for Forry Ackerman. No matter what corner of fandom you live in, Forry was there first, and had the memorabilia and/or resume entry to prove it. Despite all that, a legendarily great guy. God rest ye, Forry.

I wish supposedly intelligent people would quit dredging this up. They only beclown themselves by doing so.