December 11th, 2008

dead wombat

medical affairs

This is phoenixalpha sitting in for wombat_socho, as he was crazed enough on his hospital bed to give me his account details in order to keep folks updated.

Dad's in the hospital due to an ongoing leg infection that finally caught up with him and caused his doctors to admit him in order to administer IVs of antibiotics. Hopefully that should clear out the recurring infection and allow the leg wounds to heal. In the meanwhile, the doctors are unsure how long he'll be in for, but are saying at least three days at this point.

He's currently at INOVA Fairfax in room 858, and is down to his last book. Visitors and callers are probably very welcome. Visiting hours are 11 AM - 8 PM.

I'll be keeping an eye on this account and my e-mail at thequietone -at- gmail dot com. If you need to get in touch with Dad and don't have his phone number, this or e-mail to me is your best bet, as he may not have e-mail access for a while.

Comments here are screened by default, will unscreen as they come in by default unless told otherwise.

UPDATE: I CAN HAS INTERNET NAO. Thanks to Carlos for bringing Cowzilla to the hospital between halves of his double-shift Friday. You da man, bro. Visitors still very much appreciated.
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