December 7th, 2008


Worse? Or better?

No, nothing's on fire, but I really can't tell if I'm feeling better or not. Went to bed last night and slept for about 12 hours, woke up feeling meh, and am feeling slightly better after a cup of coffee and the last of the mango bread. OMG, that was great bread. I'd been worried that the mango flavor would get lost, but I should have known better.

Got a minimal amount of laundry done last night before crashing; basically, enough clothes and dishtowels to make it to Thursday. Got the dishes done.

Might go out today to exchange library books, pick up more milk & eggs, might not. Everything is :effort: at this point. Even sitting in front of Cowzilla makes my butt ache.

The number you are calling is not a working number.

For those of you who use Twitter: STOP FOLLOWING ME. You will see nothing of any interest whatsoever there, at least nothing you won't see at greater length and depth here. The only reason I opened the damned thing in the first place was to keep track of Cobb when he was in this neck of the woods, since we were getting together for drinks & conversation and that was pretty much the only way to keep tabs on the man.

Yeah, I fail as a geek. But you knew that.

In other news, I threw some miscellaneous stuff (ham hock, onion flakes, carrots, barley) into the crockpot earlier along with some of Mom's leftover chili powder (the pure quill, not the adulterated crap you buy at the supermarket) and some garlic. It ought to be just about ready by now. Let's see what it does to my sinuses! (Not much, as it turned out.)
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No iron, no victory

Man, I hate when I'm playing Civ 3 and I can't get at the damn iron. It's just a matter of time before you lose when that happens.

For the benefit of those folks on my f-list who likes them some reading, I submit a couple of reviews:
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I swear, the Moody Blues' adaptation of The War of the Worlds doth suck greatly. I don't think even acid would improve it; quite likely it would make matters worse. Thank goodness they're playing some Oingo Boingo to cleanse the aural palate.

BTW, I haven't forgotten that this is Pearl Harbor Day. I do have to say, though, all those deaths in 1941 matter less to me than one death eight years ago tomorrow.