December 4th, 2008



I expect I'll be imitating that Outer Qwlghmian cabbie a lot for a while, since my boss and I seem to have caught the same cold or maybe the plague and there'll be an ongoing effort to keep the phlegm out of the lungs. Guess I better pack up the Day-Quils and the bags of sugar-free cough drops along with tomorrow's lunch.

Figured out why it's been so damn cold in here the last couple of days. I'd shut the heat off last week when it was fairly warm out and comfortable in here. Heat is back on and comfortable temperatures indoors have returned.

Taking a break from reading Ted, White and Blue and Black Belt Conservatism because the former is too gonzo and the latter too serious. In The Courts of the Crimson King is much better than either; as for V for Vendetta, one can see how it's aged a bit and become unintentionally ironic, now that it's NuLab that's implementing the surveillance state in what used to be Merrie Olde England. Still a pretty cool story, though.

Tonight's original plan included going over to Fox Way to do laundry and say hello to brother & niece; plan canceled due to illness. (Maybe Saturday.) I'll just wear my Wells sweatshirt to work over a T-shirt. I did finally get the mango bread going, but since I was lazy and didn't chop up or puree the fruit it'll probably be more like pound cake with random fruit chunks.