December 3rd, 2008


WTF, Canada?

There's apparently machinations underway that would shut the party with the most seats in Ottawa's House of Commons out of the government in favor of a coalition of the Liberals, NDP, and the (nominally) secessionist Bloc Quebecois. Colby Cosh thinks PM Stephen Harper should call the coalition's bluff and watch them shoot themselves in the foot. A lot. Apparently not everyone in the Liberal Party is happy with what's already being called "Coupscam", either.

Lots of news and links at Kate's Place and of course at Bourque.
Diabeetus Chef

Better, not worse

Finished up the Cipro this morning, saw the NP this afternoon, and we agreed there was progress and a lack of stinky Pseudomonas effluvium. We're going to try the pre-mixed Dakin's solution since the homemade version was epic (burning) fail, and take a look at the legs in a couple of weeks.

Woke up early again this morning, half an hour before the alarm clock, and oddly enough I feel okay right now, not sleepy at all. Maybe I'm just getting the tryptophan out of my system, or have finally paid off my sleep debt. Either way, it feels good. Going to do the dishes, bake some mango bread, and maybe play some internet spaceships.