December 1st, 2008


Back on track?

Woke up ~0500 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so I've been vegging out in front of Cowzilla reading webcomics and flipping through various websites. I'm going to be pretty busy today at work, so I don't expect to have time to do either of those there...

So, the sleep cycle seems to have gotten back to more or less normal; I was a little worried about that after being up until 0400 Friday, sleeping in until 1600 Saturday, and being up again until 0600 Sunday. Which meant I had only a 4-hour nap before Kingmaker, but I felt rested enough. As I do now, though I was only asleep for about seven hours. Whatever works, right? I expect I'll be pretty tired around 2100, but that too is okay. Don't really have much to do after I get home except for garbage disposal and some cleaning up.

not tonight FC, I have a sleep deficit

Or maybe I'm sicker than I thought. Either way, after picking up a bunch of stuff at the library, chucking out garbage, and consuming the evening gruel, I'm ready to go face-first into the pillows. Which is a shame, since there's all kinds of action happening online in EVE...oh well. Maybe tomorrow night. Maybe not.
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