November 29th, 2008


VDH on Obama

It's nice to know that sometimes I'm as smart as a pretty good college professor. Everything Obama has done since the election has cemented my belief that the man is just another product of the Daley machine, whose first imperative is to get elected and then stay in office by any means necessary. He is an extremely intelligent man, and probably means what he said about bringing the country together. I think over time he's going to have problems with the more radical lefties in Congress, but if he plays his cards right and tweaks the Homeland Security/counterintelligence apparat, he can maintain W's winning streak against the Islamofascisti and be damned hard to beat in 2012. All of this, of course, will do much to rehabilitate W's reputation among a large part of the 52% who voted for Obama.

Unless, of course, his green/Wall Street allies fuck up the economy, in which case the winning streak is going to be hard to maintain anyway. Should be interesting. Instapundit

not leaving well enough alone

For the better part of the two decades that I lived in Minnesota, part of the post-Thanksgiving routine involved boiling down the carcass, separating the remaining meat from the bones, and making a batch of turkey & rice gruel. This being the first Thanksgiving that I've cooked a bird on this side of the Mississippi, I started to do the same thing this afternoon after becoming awake enough to function in the kitchen...but somewhere along the line the temptation to tinker with a perfectly simple and decent recipe became Too Strong, and I wound up clearing out the kitchen cabinet of a number of things that probably would have been better in other contexts, but it's too late now....
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Be interesting to see how this turns out.

Have a little food for thought to go with your gruel, and remember - it's not just a bird, it's a National Tradition. Thank God and all his saints the Indians of New England knew nought of lutefisk.