November 27th, 2008


I can has new bookshelf?

Surprisingly, yes! Noticed on my way out to P's for Thanksgiving dinner that someone was throwing out a bookshelf, and a righteous 6' shelf at that; couldn't stop to get it at the time, but I resolved to see if it was still there when I came back. And it was! It looks like a slightly more spiffy version of my Ikea shelves, but was much easier to fit into the Sportage despite all the crap and trash I still have in there. Doesn't appear to have any obvious problems, so tomorrow I'll load it up with books, break down a couple more boxes, and maybe adorn the back with one of Remedial's Goonfleet posters so I'm not staring at a big ol' scuffed-up brown blankness when I look that way.

Dinner was non-standard but good. Cornish hens with wild rice/pomegranate stuffing, garlic skin-on mashed potatoes, and a couple varieties of tarts, all quite good. I never got around to dealing with my own bird and its fixins, but there will be plenty of time for that tomorrow in between trips to the post office and the library.

Hey, P - this bears out what we've known about Iowans for a long time. They're just friendlier people. (Ace)

Don Surber gives thanks.