November 24th, 2008


late to bed and early to rise...

...makes a man tired and red in the eyes.

Holy shit, a Megatokyo strip appears in a timely manner!

Left work early today to go out to Fairfax, get new parts for old & busted nose hose. Forgot the relative positions of Route 50 and Fairfax County Parkway, so I wound up taking the long way around through Chantilly and being a tad late, but it all worked out. Retrieved hat & gloves from Angeethi afterward, did dinner at BK, and headed home.

Too tired to do much when I got in...logged in to EVE, put some stuff up for sale, dithered between various skills, and eventually logged out, since I'm in no shape to stay up for ops. Especially since I got up around 0520 this morning so I could go into work early. Going to rack out in a few minutes but wanted to post first.

GVDL is right: this is the greatest rant of the year. Take that, you spoiled kids, and get the hell off my lawn!