November 15th, 2008


Another year in the burrow

Managed to get up this morning at 0930 despite staying up far too late last night after coming back from the Richmond Moronpalooza. I didn't have to drive all the way down and back in the Sportage, so that was good, but I still didn't get back home until around which point I sat up for another couple of hours playing EVE and wasting time on the intarbutts.

So, anyway...the laundry is done, the lease renewal has been signed, and the dishwasher is running, so all that's left on today's to-do list is to watch O Brother Where Art Thou, shower, drop OBWAT and the books I've finished at the library, and then go down to Ireland's Four Fields with my camera and watch people destroy their livers while talking politics.

I'll do some minimal shopping tomorrow and (as usual) leave most of my Thanksgiving shopping for the last minute. :D
Also on the agenda is picking up the three books sold through and prepping them to be mailed on Monday, probably from Fairfax since I need to be out there to have my nose hose inspected.
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