November 7th, 2008


The weird silence of John McCain

You would think that a man so quick to squash negative ads and sorta-kinda-could-maybe-be considered derogatory remarks about his opponent would have opened his trap sometime in the last two days to tell his bitter, opportunistic staffers to lay off the VP candidate he himself chose. Sadly, no...the silence from our presidential nominee has been deafening.

Which is why a lot of us conservatives are identifying with this Michael Ramirez cartoon these days. Especially since, you know, it seems that McCain and some of his staffers are copping this attitude.
Boss Coffee

Sometimes, when I'm really feeling cynical... really helps to see something like this.
Thanks, guys.
(The Corner @NRO)

UPDATE AND BUMP: I liked it a lot better before I found out it's basically the successor site to this narcissistic bullshit. As a Goon, I can only echo Jim Treacher's call to true repentance. (Ace, with whom I agree completely. A bunch of smiling faces and cute handwritten notes doesn't come close to making up for eight years of bile & venom.)

UPDATE II: Some anonymous person who failed to sign their comment quipped, "All four of the above commenters should go climb a tree." LOL. Repost with you name or initials to get credit, Anon.
Boss Coffee

Aside from all the political crap...

...things are moving forward in the burrow. I'm going to set up the last bookshelf tomorrow and finish stocking the one I put up a while back, which should allow me to get rid of a couple of the boxes Carlos has inflicted on me. Some cleaning, some baking, some reading, and, I think, a vacation from reading about politics online, if I can manage it.