October 31st, 2008


so now what?

Took some time off work this morning to get jamestrainor to the airport, which went fairly smoothly; it also allowed me to make up for a missed breakfast by consuming a foot-long steak, egg & cheese sub from Marino's. Man, it's a good thing I don't live too close to that place or I'd die of clogged arteries within the year. It's that good.

Work was like Wile E. Coyote running off the cliff. It was all assholes and elbows until ~1445, when I realized I was completely out of work to do. Fortunately, about fifteen minutes later Mr. H came up from the body shop and said to wrap it up, so I did.

Made the fortnightly major shopping trip to Walmart, picked up staple foodz and bandages, and headed home to beat back the tide of surveys and MyPoints e-mails. Next priority will be avoiding spending any money between now and next weekend while collecting the remainder of James' airfare from his uncle, since NekoCon looks very doable on the cheap. The room is only going to be $64, since I'm going down Saturday morning and leaving Sunday afternoon, but the major expense will be the gas - looks like a tank each way, and I don't really expect fuel prices to get below $2.50 before then. I could be wrong.

In the meantime, I need to find my damn Tylenol, which is probably rattling around in the Sportage someplace.