October 30th, 2008


that's it, that's all, that's everything

Finished the eulogy and ran through it in a little less than two minutes.
It doesn't say everything I wanted to say, but it hits all the important stuff.
E-mailed it to Carlos to read through so he can call me with any last-minute suggestions.

Would have been done sooner but P got lost on her way over to Forest Heights.
More sleep, less work, hija.
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Lord, guard and guide women who fly...

Old Post Chapel was old; steam heat made me wish we'd held the funeral in the parking lot. Aunt Emily and Aunt Frances did the readings so I didn't have to; digex shot an assload of pictures, ditto; everybody thought the eulogy was awesome except me, because I wrote it and I know better. Interment followed, with rifle salute, brief prayer over the urn, and finally the actual interment of the urn in the crypt. Funny how the columbarium looks so much better approached from the west; it actually looks like something you might want to visit, as opposed to the northern approach which verges on Brutalist in its depressingly industrial appearance.

Hung out with P, jamestrainor, digex, and RS at the Sheraton National down the road from Fort Myer to avoid rush hour and then some, not getting out of there until 1930. Went over to Fox Way via my apartment (to retrieve jamestrainor's parka) and B&N in Potomac Yards (to confer upon jamestrainor a belated birthday present) but that delayed us enough so hat we missed Heather and the aunts. :(

Time for bed.