October 28th, 2008

dead wombat

Of course.

After drowsing most of the day away yesterday, now I can't get to sleep. :(
Temperature was up to 101.4 at 10; called Kaiser and they said they'd try and get me in tomorrow afternoon.
I sure hope so.

(cue guitars)

Standing in the runway, waving at the plane
There goes everything you own
You called home collect, and they didn't know your name
Staring at the telephone...

...no, it's not really apropos of anything, really, except being depressed over being sick and having so much stuff to take care of before the funeral, very little of it pertaining to the funeral itself. Before I forget, profound thanks to all friends of Carlos' and mine who have called/e-mailed us about coming. Times like these, you find out who your real friends are.