October 26th, 2008


Sunday morning linkagery

Baen Books - with bargains like this, how the hell can they stay in business? Yet they do, and a quite prosperous business they are, too. At this rate I may have to get a Kindle after all - but only if this collection won't fit in my TX.

Hell freezes over! Razorbacks in a holding pattern over Dulles! Strib endorses Republican not doomed to certain defeat! (h/t chocol8fiend)

Redistribution of wealth: yes you can! (Instapundit)

Also from Baen Books: Keith Laumer's Lafayette O'Leary novels combined in one volume, edited by Eric Flint. You know, even without his Assiti Shards novels and the Belisarius series he co-wrote with David Drake, Flint's making one hell of a name for himself by getting authors like Christopher Anvil and Keth Laumer back into print. Good on yer, Eric! (Instapundit)

Collapse of MSM continues, NYT debt rated as junk, bloggers and cartoonists laugh. Probably the best part is an Instapundit reader's suggestion that conservatives take advantage of the collapsing media stocks to buy in and wreak revenge by saving the companies - with a turn to the right. :)

Finally, the new WaMu website! Be sure to watch their new ad! (Schlock Mercenary)